We sell and implement CRM products from leading global CRM companies. We are Implementation Partners for bpm'online CRM, which is one of the world's leading CRM product

  • The CRM Products cover all 3 areas - Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.The customer has the flexibility to purchase either one or a combination.
  • Our team will engage with you from the Requirement gathering phase and help you define your requirements for your CRM project followed by a complete proposal for a CRM Product, Implementation Services, Integration, Training and Post Implementation Support.
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BPM (Business Process Management)

Having a lot of manual processes ? semi automated processes ? and want a BPM tool to automate these processes ?

We provide you with a complete workflow automation product from the leading BPM providers which has all the features like Forms, Reports, Business Rules and which doesn't break the bank.

With more than 10 years in the BPM Industry, our experts recommend you the right fit BPM product which your internal team can use easily without going through a doctorate in Compuer Engineering.

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Case Management

Sometimes you just need a pure play Case Management tool. We provide you with some of the best Case Management products in the market today.

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Not all markets are same. Asian markets and especially emerging markets are price sensitive and will do a lot of due diligence. We provide free TCO and ROI reports as part of our engagement. This enables you to make an informed decision. No hidden costs.

You need a CRM to improve your business processes. not complicate them. Transparency is our core strength.

Trusted Advisor

We work with you from the initial stage of you thinking about putting a CRM or a BPM product in your company. Our proposal covers all aspects and we work with you all the way to your post sales stage.

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